Review for Cinderella Travel
Buying a Cinderella
I have mobility problems so my nightmare to continue using a campervan/motorhome was the thought of taking a full WC cassette late at night in the dark, in a howling storm across a campsite, looking for a 4 inch hole to dump, and then wash out the receptacle, whilst either using a wheelchair or a Rollator! However, with the advent of a Cinderella travel combusting WC, you do not need to put yourself through this. Hell it is simply press a button and convert SH 1T into ash that is perfectly safe to put in the kitchen rubbish! My journey to achieving this was smooth efficiently and helpfully all along the way, also acting as a liaison with my motorhome builder by Clive at Cinderella. He and his product and assistance has been simply TREMENDOUS as is the product which has been used for years by the Scandinavians who are not renowned for bad design. For me, I can only say that the incorporation of this product has been life changing, and as much as I can, continue to motorhome, happily under my own steam without any WC problems. Image shows Cinderella under construction in vehicle..

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