Cinderella Comfort Installation Kit

£167.00 (excl VAT) : £200.00 (Incl VAT)

This installation kit contains everything you need for an optimal installation of your Cinderella Comfort Incineration Toilet.

Due to popular demand, matt black is now the standard color in Cinderella’s installation kits. The new pipes are specially designed for flue/ventilation purposes and they are UV-stabilized in order to ensure that color will not fade with time. The pipes match Cinderella’s new original Flue Terminal Cap and the installation will fit most exteriors.

The Flue Terminal Cap is important for optimal incineration and helps to keep the flue pipe free of twigs, leaves and other debris. Our new cap has a streamlined design, provides less resistance and thus contributes to 20% better air flow in the pipe.

The installation kit contains:

  • 1 x Wind Shield
  • 1 x Flue Terminal Cap
  • 1 x Elbow 87 degrees
  • 3 x Pipe clamps/fasteners
  • 2 x Pipes 500 mm
  • 5 x Pipes w/sleeve 1000 mm

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Details and specifications
  • Original Installation Kit
  • Suitable for the Cinderella Comfort Incineration Toilet
  • Everything you need for an optimal installation