Siphon Junior

£27.00 (excl VAT) : £32.00 (Incl VAT) 

A condensation trap is available for flue pipes mounted indoors. This fits both the C. Comfort and C. Freedom models.

When hot air from the toilet is discharged into the cold air outside, condensation is formed which can flow back to the toilet. For flue pipes mounted indoors, we recommend using a condensation trap that collects the liquid condensation. The condensation trap is mounted on the condenser connection on Cinderella’s original 87 degree elbow. Remember to empty the siphon at regular intervals during cold periods.

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Fits Cinderella’s original 87 degree elbow with condensation connection

  • Condensation trap for flue pipes
  • Collects condensation from the pipe
  • For flue pipes mounted indoors